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Solutions for your Rental Needs


NX-220/320 K2-IS

NX-3220/3320 K2-IS







Control Station

​KMB-10 / KPS-15 / KMC-9C

Rental Policies

  • 5-day minimum rental, however shipping time within 3-5 days of rental dates are excluded.  KWRR ships standard ground freight and will add freight charges to the invoice (2-day and overnight also available).  A dealer’s shipping account can be used if provided.


  • Full payment, by MasterCard/Visa, business check, or wire transfer, is required prior to shipping.  With pre-approval, a PO may be sent for net-15 day terms.

  • Allow a turn-around time of 2 business days for equipment without programming and 3 business days for equipment with programming. 

  • A rush fee of $80 may apply if order shipment is required within 1 business day.

  • All equipment must be returned unless prior written approval is received from KWRR.

  • An $80 labor fee, plus parts, will apply for equipment that is returned damaged. 

  • Standard dealer cost for unrepairable or lost equipment will apply.  KWRR does not accept dealer-provided replacement equipment.

  • A reprogramming service fee will apply for equipment returned with password protection.

Your Rental Includes:

PORTABLES:  Battery, antenna, belt clip, rapid charger. Multi-unit chargers will be substituted in multiples of 6.

MOBILES:  Hand mic, bracket, power cable, magnetic mount
coax and antenna

CONTROL STATIONS:  Power supply, desk mic, mounting case

REPEATERS:  Power supply and duplexer only. (Antenna, coax cables, and connectors not included.)

Surveillance Earpieces
Speaker Mics
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